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From branch to branch

The Jewish branch

Henny's mother is of Jewish origin, all her discovered ancestors are of Jewish origin. It was obviously not accepted to marry someone of an other religion - something also very common to Roman Catholics and Protestants in pre WW2 Netherlands.
The family names in this branch are:
All these families have - for as far known - their roots in Germany and Poland. In the 18th and 19h century they settled in the Netherlands. Most of them are referred to in the archives as having a profession of "merchant" in general this can be interpreted as market or door-to-door salesman. Examples are:

v.DANTZIG, David Benjaminsz (HARST-30)
was merchant, lived in the Groenesteeg at Leiden, his wife Roosje de WOLF was maid-servant.

DENNEBOOM, Israël Joseph (HARST-50)
was merchant in Beilen and came from Neuenhaus in the Bentheim county.

d.HAAS, Abraham Philippus (HARST-26)
was at the time of his marriage in 1839 male-servant, later he became a merchant and religious teacher.

was founder and owner of a tailory in the Schutstraat and tailor's shop in the Hoofdstraat at Hoogeveen, he also owned two houses in the Coevorderstraatweg and invested his savings in mortgages, i.e. in Berlin. His grandfather David Heiman was a merchant from Hoorn, he settled in Beilen where he married Henderica Denneboom.

v.WIJNBERGEN, Abraham (HARST-14)
was cheese-grocer in Gouda, he lived there e.g. at the Blekersingel.

d.WOLF, Samuel (HARST-62)
was shopkeeper/merchant at Leiden, he lived e.g. at the Raamsteeg, came from Amsterdam and settled in 1796 in Leiden. Wolf was the first name of his father Wolf Samuel.

People from Delft

A big part of Hans's ancestors have lived in Delft.
Since old times Delft was a city of importance, where you could feel safe thanks to the city walls end where was room for city provisions such as care for the poor, aged and ill people. On the other hand, disasters like the explosion of the ammunition depot at 12 October 1654 and the Great Fire at 3 May 1536, must have struck some of my ancestors significantly.
I made an overview on Google Maps of all the locations that I could trace where Delft ancestors have lived, see maps.google.com. On this map, the red pins point to locations where ancestors have lived but whose houses no longer exist, the yellow pins point to locations where ancestors have lived and whose houses are still there.
Some of these people from Delft are:

d.BLIJ, Jan (BOS-2400)
lived in the Doorniksteeg, his son Daniel (BOS-1200) lived at the Nieuwe Langendijk.

v.BOECKELT, Jan (BOS-2418)
was sailor in 1628.

BONAERT, Robertus (BOS-288)
bought a small house on 14 October 1706 in the Poppesteeg. His grandson Robertus (BOS-72) was master carpenter and lived at the Oude Langendijk where he also had his shop and workshop. Besides he owned three houses at the northside of the Broerhuissteeg and three grounds in the southeastern corner of the court, near the Molslaan. As carpenter he was involved in the construction of the Roman Catholic Church at the Brabantse Turfmarkt, where he is believed to have built the church benches. His grandson Hermanus Johannes (BOS-18) became a saddlemaker presumably in a house at the northwestside of the Beestenmarkt, close to the Burgwal. It's certain that at that spot Hermanus's son-in-law Johannes Wilhelmus v.d.BOS (BOS-8) practised that same profession.

BOOT, Joris (BOS-4306)
was carrier of corn at the days of his marriage in 1602. Later he became a trumpetteer, he then lived in the Achtersack.

v.d.BOS, Jan (BOS-128)
was tailor, his grandson Johannes Wilhelmus (BOS-32) first was a carrier, later shoemaker, just like his son Willem Johannes (BOS-16) and also like his son Johannes Wilhelmus (BOS-8).

v.d.BURCH, Cornelis Jacobsz (BOS-4174)
was pottery baker in 1623.

CANEIJ, Frans Jansz (BOS-888)
lived around 1705 in the Dirklangenstraat, just like his son Jan (BOS-444) who was a shoemaker. Jan's granddaughter Adriana (BOS-111) was a fruitseller.

v.CLEEFF, Jan Jansz (BOS-4802)
was a soldier in 1626.

CLOETINGH, Joris Andriesz (BOS-2060)
was in 1645 a master book printer and seller in Delft, just like his son Sijmon (BOS-1030), brother Jan and Jan's son Andries. The house where as well Joris Andriesz as his son Sijmon have lived in the Hippolytusbuurt is momentarily a restaurant: Bistro de Pijpenla. The restaurant advertises with the names of the previous owners. In 1668 Simon is mentioned as an arts trader in "'t Vergulde Tafelboeck" at the Noordeinde. His uncle Jan and cousin Andries had a store called "'t Gulden ABC" at the Markt, the house still carries that name.

v.ELTERENBERGH, Dirck Cornelisz (BOS-1780)
lived at the Verwersdijk, just like his father-in-law Cent Leendertsz v.HELDE (BOS-3562) who was a brewer's servant. Dirck's granddaughter, Ariaentje (BOS-445) lived at the Achterom.

d.HENGST, Jan Pietersz (BOS-1068)
came from Delfshaven and lived at the Voldersgracht in Delft. His son Pieter (BOS-534) was employed at the V.O.C., he is mentioned twice in trips of a ship called the Donkervliet to Batavia, in 1701, resp. 1704. During the first trip he was sailor, during the second trip he was a cannoneer.

HOUCKGEEST, Jan Ottensz (BOS-4248)
lived in around 1625 in the Doelenstraat. Afterwards his son Jacob (BOS-2124) lived there. Jacob owned also a house in the Molenstraat at the northside of the Verwersdijk and a house at the Verwersdijk. His son Pieter (BOS-1062) inherited these houses.

HUIJGEBAERT, Carel Pietersz (BOS-9624)
lived in the Yperstraat in about 1635. After his death, his widow Catalijna BOLLE (BOS-9625) and later also his son Pieter (BOS-4812) were living there. Pieter owned a house in the Vlamingstraat and then was owner of a drapery, where wool was converted in cloth.

IDING, Wessel (BOS-111)
lived around 1670 at the Brabantse Turfmarkt on the corner of the Pieterstraat, he was a soldier.

KEERWEER, Arie Gerritsz (BOS-4278)
was in 1625 beercarrier and lived outside the Rotterdam gate at the present Werfpad.

The name LAMEIJ can be traced back to Jaques AMIJ (BOS-1344) who married Anne Pieters Le FEBVRE in 1652 in Delft in the French (=Wallon) church. After the death of his father (in 1661) the care for their only child Pieter (BOS-672) (at an age of 5) was transferred to the Orphan chamber of the City of Delft. A similar fate suffered their grand children (in 1688) after the death of their father. The parents of their great grand children however had built a capital in 1729 which could afford them to exclude the Orphan chamber by means of a notary act. (The only way to prevent the Orphan chamber to put a claim on the possessions of orphans and their remaining parent, was by creating a testament at a notary.)
LAMEIJ, Jacobus (BOS-336) lived in the Molstraat in ca 1710. His grandson Jacobus (BOS-84) lived at the Beestenmarkt on the corner of the Korte Broerhuissteeg. His son Jacobus (BOS-42) was bread baker at the same location in 1832. The bakery was located next to a house which was owned by his mother Johanna GÖBEL (BOS-85).

v.d.LEE, Arijen Jansz (BOS-1184)
lived around 1670 in the Gasthuislaan on the corner of the Brabantse Turfmarkt. His descendant Philippus Johannes (BOS-74) was a shop owner around 1800.

Gerritje Lichtenberch (BOS-537) lived at the time of her death, in 1729, at the Geerweg in "de Schenkkan". Her father, Nicolaes (BOS-1074) came from Coblenz and also lived at the Geerweg, he was a soldier and served under Captain Moor in Ireland and under Captain Duijst. This is revealed in a notary act describing the desertion of a clerk in England. The man had lost the weekly wages of the soldiers during gambling in Ireland and was punished by hanging with his hands tied to the gallow while his feet could stand on small poles. He was also fired but as a way of grace was hired again under the title of "bad soldier". After the regiment had moved to England, the man deserted.
Based on this testimony it is likely that Nicolaes Ligtenberg was member of the "Blue Guards", see wikipedia, who fought at the side of William III against the English and Irish catholics. This is remarkable because Nicolaes was catholic himself, two of his children were baptised in the parish of St Hippolytus at the Bagijnhof.
At the time of his wedding, in January 1678, Nicolaas was member of the guardes under captain Hornbergh. This captain died in August 1678 at the battle for Saint-Denis (near Mons/Bergen) in Belgium, probably Nicolaas will have participated in that battle.

v.OOSTERHOUT, Gerrit Jansz(BOS-1072)
lived in 1680 at the Verwersdijk. His son Jacob (BOS-536) lived in the southwest corner of the Beestenmarkt.

OOSTERWIJCK, Gijsbrecht Jorisz(BOS-2370)
was skipper around 1630.

OUTSHOORN, Jacob Leendertsz (BOS-596)
was in ca 1705 owner of two parcels on the corner of the present Van Slingelandtstraat / Kwekerijstraat.

POELENBURCH, Jacobus Cornelisz (BOS-19260)
was in 1599 master surgeon in Delft just like his son Jacob (BOS-9630). The first mentioned lived in the Choorstraat and probably later at the Kolk. His granddaughter Marijtge (BOS-4815) lived at the Markt close to the Oudemanhuissteeg.

v.d.POST, Pieter Crijnen (BOS-26)
owned around 1715 a parcel in the Molslaan.

v.RIJSSELBERCH, Harmen Ariensz (BOS-4172)
was cooper around 1640, he lived in the Pieterstraat. His son Arie (BOS-2086) lived in the same house and also owned two neighboring parcels.

v.d.ROER, Heijndrick Dirckszn (BOS-2138)
bought in 1663 a house in the Papenstraat, he was a trader in pots.

ROMEIJN, Jan Claeszn (BOS-212)
owned around 1740 parcels in the Harmenkokslaan, Hopstraat and the Rietveld.

v.SCHIE, Huibregt Amen (BOS-604)
owned around 1710 two parcels in the Breestraat and one on the corner of the Gasthuislaan / Pieterstraat. His widow Neeltje SPANJERSBERGH (BOS-605) lived at the Lange Geer. Huibregt's grandfather Cornelis MICHIJELszn (BOS-2416) was farmer and came from Schie.

SIGON, Gerardus (BOS-26)
was carrier in 1841.

v.d.SLEIJDE, Jan Sipriaenszn (BOS-2058)
was merchant in wood around 1620, hij lived at the Markt.

SPANJERSBERGH, Cornelis Claeszn (BOS-4264)
was agricultural labourer and coming from Schie. He joins three branches Spanjersberg by means of his sons Pouwels (BOS-2132), Arijen (BOS-2420) and Cornelis (BOS-5032).
Pouwels owned a number of parcels at the Rotterdamseweg. His son Jan (BOS-1066) was earth washer (for the faience industry) just outside the Rotterdam gate in Delft. A notary document from 1690 of Delfshaven reveals that earth was delivered for him coming from Gent, Flanders. He owned two houses at the Achterom.
Cornelis's son Arent (BOS-2516) lived at the Zuideinde.

SPROCKENBURCH, Jacob Maertenszn (BOS-2386)
was farmer in ca 1630 and owned a parcel at the Gasthuislaan.

VERHAAGEN, Jan Teunisz (BOS-1056)
was in 1675 a soldier in Delft. He lived in the Vlamingstraat, just like his son Wouter (BOS-528). Wouter's son Barent (BOS-264) lived in the Pieterstraat. His grandson Johannes (BOS-66) was pottery baker, his daughter Magdalena (BOS-33) was a cleaning lady.

VILEERS, Aelbrecht Gillesz (BOS-1040)
owned a parcel at the Koornmarkt where at present the Synagoge is plus a house at the corner of the Nieuwstraat / Oude Delft. His grandson Pieter (BOS-260) lived in a decayed house at the Achterom that was offered to him by the Mayors in 1767.

d.VREE, Arent (BOS-526)
owned around 1720 two parcels at the Achterom and a house on the corner of the Giststraat / Lange Geer, where later his widow Angeniesje v.WESTHOORN (BOS-527) lived and his son-in-law Abraham v.RHOON (BOS-262).

v.WESTHOORN, Teunis Dirckszn (BOS-1054)
owned a parcel located behind the corner of the Giststraat and the Achterom. In his daughter Angeniesje v.WESTHOORN (BOS-527 = BOS-607) (see also d.VREE) two branches merge, one branch is her daughter Dirckie ACKERSDIJCK (BOS-303), from her marriage with Dirck ACKERSDIJCK (BOS-606). The other is her daughter Johanne d.VREE (BOS-263), from her marriage with Arent d.VREE (BOS-526).

WINGERTRANCK, Michiel Davith (BOS-678)
owned in ca 1685 two opposing parcels in the Hopstraat. His father carried the name OVAIN which was changed into WINGERTRANCK. He was married to Jenne MEUNIER (BOS-679) whose name was changed into Jannetge MOLENAER.

People from the Westland, Delfland and the Haaglanden

A big part of the ancestors of Hans have their roots in the surroundings of The Hague, Delft, Zoetermeer and Rotterdam. Familynames from this region in my tree are:

lived in Vlaardingerambacht and Overschie, he was farmer and for some time achtman in Vlaardingerambacht (Achtmannen were committed to maintain justice in an Ambacht, a small community).
His father Arent Hendricks, lived in Akkersdijk an area halfway Schiedam and Pijnacker, nearby the Akkerdijkse plassen at the north-side of Overschie.

BURGER, Frank (BOS-78)
was marketskipper in Monster in 1814.

DOCKUM, Ridder Heijndricksz (BOS-12472)
was coming from Opmeer (NH), bought in 1579 house, barn, haystack and orchard, in the Holierhoeksepolder in Vlaardingerambacht. His son Cornelis (BOS-6236) was farmer in the Broekpolder of Vlaardingen.

v.GEEST, Claes Adriaensz (BOS-6240)
lived at the "geest" in Naaldwijk, was sheriff there.

v.d.LINDEN, Dirk (BOS-38)
was in 1835 mason in Naaldwijk.

v.SANTEN, Willem Huijbrechtsz (BOS-5026)
was shoemaker and at regular times sheriff in De Lier in the period between 1627 and 1651.

SCHIPPER, Frederik Huijgensz (BOS-1598)
was sailor from Ter Heijde and in about 1675 sheriff and chief welfare officer in Monster.

v.STAALDUIJNEN, Joachim Pietersz (BOS-1596)
was in about 1675 farmer and dune mayor at Staalduinen, near Zandambacht.

VERHOUCK, Pieter Claesz (BOS-5024)
was mason and at regular times sheriff in De Lier in the period between 1615 and 1647. His son Pieter started using the name BOEKESTEIJN, Pieter's son Frank (BOS-1256) was ward in De Lier.

People from Den Haag

The family of Henny's father plus certain leafs from Hans's tree have lived in Den Haag.

v.d.BENDE, Abraham Jansz (BOS-7132)
was serviette weaver, he married in 1612 in Delft but originated from Den Haag.

v.d.HARST, Dominicus Petrus (HARST-4)
was waiter i.e. in Hotel Centraal at Den Haag, he married in 1890 to the English Mary Isabel STEVENS.

WIJNANTS, Henricus Marinus (BOS-14)
was beercarrier and lanternlighter around 1900 in Den Haag.


Particularly the branch of Hans's father, but also Hans's mother has a number of roots in the South, meaning the South Netherlands, Belgium and France. Some of these familynames are:

was in 1637 soldier for the V.O.C. in Delft and christened his children in the Wallon church.

DAWANCE, Toussaint (BOS-114)
settled in the late 18th century in The Hague, coming from Spa. One of his ancestors, Collin le LOUP de BREDA (BOS-233728) can be traced back to the early 14th (!) century and happens to be one of the founders of the village of Spa. Extensive information on the BREDAR/LELOUP and other Spa families can be found at: www.spahistoire.info.

GROEN, Pieter Jansz (BOS-4164)
was traditional potter in Delft at the Nieuwe Langendijk and like his first wife, Maritgen Pieters, to whom he married in Delft in 1592, he came from Brussels.
That life could be hard at the beginning of the 17th century, is proven by the burials of five (!) of his children and his second wife, Cathalijna Gerrits, within a period of only sixteen days, between April 17th and May 3rd 1603. Most likely they had fallen victims to the pestilence. His third wife to whom he married July 18th 1604, Judith Huijgens, gave birth to three sons who reached maturity, Jacob, Vranck and Assereus, the first became a traditional potter like his father, the other two became potters in the booming "Delft Blue" fayence industry.

v.HURCK, Frans Pietersz (BOS-9628)
was in 1590 preparer of woollen goods in Delft, coming from Antwerpen. His son Frans (BOS-4824) practised the same profession and also owned a warehouse at the Rietveld in Delft. Both have lived in the Kerkstraat, at the northside of the Nieuwe Kerk.

MENSARD, Anthony Markusz (BOS-1028)
was lockmaker and blacksmith in Delft, he came from Bergen op Zoom. He lived in ca 1650 at the Oude Delft, near the corner of the Binnenwatersloot. Just like his wife Marijtge v.d.SLEIJDE (BOS-1029) he died at a young age. His son Johannes (BOS-514) lived in the Choorstraat at the corner of the Papenstraat.

v.TAERTEN, Adriaen (BOS-9626)
came from the Flemish town Diksmuide. He married in 1587 at Leiden to Maeyken Michiels CORDIER (BOS-9627) who came from the now French town Hondschoote. They moved to Delft.


Spread all over the tree of Henny's father and Hans's mother and father some ancestors were found coming from Germany. Some of these familynames are:

ÄHLEN, Jan-Bernd (BOS-102)
was worker and lived in the environment of Hannover. His daughter Anna Margaretha Engel (BOS-54) settled in Delft.

ASSBERGS, Pieter Antonius (BOS-232)
came from Düsseldorf, his son Joannes Joseph (BOS-116) was brass-founder in Den Haag, Joannes's zoon Franciscus (BOS-58) was wagonner, his daughter Maria Alida (BOS-29) laundry woman and cleaning lady.

DOLL, Johannes (BOS-118)
came from Andernach near Koblenz settled in Beverwijk, when he married (in 1806) he was soldier with the marines, afterwards he became a coppersmith.

OPPERHUIJSER, Johan Martin (BOS-184)
was learning tailor in Leiden at the time of his marriage in 1757, hij came from Darmstadt, Hessen.

the unique little village 't Woudt
the unique little village 't Woudt


Ancestors who can't be placed in previous listed categories, but from whom some information is available, are:

AKKERMAN, Everardus Joannes (BOS-124)
was tanner in Zutphen, his son Joannes (BOS-62) was shoemaker also in Zutphen.

AMMAN, Jan (BOS-554)
lived in the Anjeliersstraat in Amsterdam en was follower of the Lutheran religion.

BEUTE, Hermen Hermensz (BOS-272)
was like his son Marten peat worker in the provinces of Friesland, Drenthe and Overijssel.

BLANGÉ, Hendrik (HARST-76)
was tailor and coming from Leiden, his son Louis (HARST-38) was carrier in Den Haag , Louis's wife Alida GODFRIED (HARST-39) was a capmaker.

COOL, Jacob Teunisz (BOS-2146)
came from the Diefdijk (a very old dike) near Leerdam. He married in 1640 in Buren (province of Gelderland) to Willemke DIRCKs (BOS-2147) and moved shortly afterwards to Delft.

DEELEN, Johannes Christophorus (BOS-54)
was pottery baker in Delft, he descends from Jan Michielsz DELEN (BOS-3456) who e.g. was mayor in 1626 of the village "De Rul" near Heeze. Joannes' mother Wilhelmina v.RIEL (BOS-109) was cleaning lady.

DISSIUS, Jacobus Arentsz (BOS-2062)
was reverend in 't Woudt from 1623 to 1662. He lived together with his wife Maria Jansdr v.STARRENBURCH (BOS-2063) in the Voorstraat te Delft. His son Abraham and daughter Jannitge (BOS-1031) marry at the same day with children of Joris CLOETINGH (see People from Delft). Abraham becomes just like his father-in-law and brother-in-law master book printer, in 1651 he buys the house and shop "'t Gulden ABC". Jacobus's father Arent Maertensz (BOS-4124) was cloth preparer in Delft.

ELSING, Maria (BOS-117)
was cleaning lady in Den Haag, she came from Sneek.

GROENHEIJDE, Waling Bastiaensz (BOS-1594)
was farmer in Abtsrecht, a village just south of Delft.

KNIP, Willem (BOS-40)
was a foundling, a child deserted by his parents, unfortunately not very uncommon at that time (1790) and place (Amsterdam). He moved to Den Haag where he married Maria Keijzer and became a construction worker.

v.d.KOOIJ, Pleun Michielsz (BOS-6368)
was farmer and duck catcher/cager at the Kooijwoning in the Zuidpolder of Delfgauw, he is nameholder of the name Van der KOOIJ.

MIDDENDORP, Harmen Dirksz (BOS-1064)
had the Lutheran religion, all his children were christened in the Lutheran church in Delft. He lived in ca 1675 at the corner of the Rietveld with the Raam in Delft.

PENNINGH, Willem Pietersz (BOS-17232)
was steersman of a buss around 1590. His son Cornelis (BOS-8616) was skipper and his son Willem (BOS-4308) was also a sailor. Of his son Willem (BOS-2154) a notary document was found from 1650 that states that he was ready to sail for Greenland. They all lived in Schiedam.

PRINS, Dirk (BOS-306)
came from Poortugaal, moved to the Westland to marry Maartje LANDERSHOF (BOS-307) from 's-Gravenzande he settled later at Voorne-Putten where he christened his children (at Simonshaven).

WILLEMSE, Joanna (BOS-249)
came from the village of Hummelo, just North of Doetinchem in 1777 she married the widower Jan AKKERMAN (BOS-248) from Zutphen.

the church of Simonshaven
the church of Simonshaven

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